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About Us


We are a restaurant that emerged from the initiative of supporting fair trade with producers from Puebla and surrounding towns, hereby promoting the consumption of quality food of the season.
The products we use in our menu change by the seasons of the year.
We believe that cooking starts with the selection of the ingredients, because with the choice of the product we take its aroma, color, texture and flavor into account. This is how a particular way of tasting originates, appreciating where the product came from, the quality, the freshness and the seasonality of the ingredients.

“We know that with eating seasonal products, we’re helping producers to continue cultivating in a traditional manner "

Our producers.

Janet and Juan are the people that define the flavor of our famous oyster mushroom tacos. They’ve been producing oyster mushrooms for ten years in Cuanala, Puebla, and have tried to grow a variety of mushrooms like grey, brown and white ones. Their business has been run by the family for thirty years now.

Rufina gives a touch of basil to every dish and her lemongrass is used for our delicious signature drink: Spicy Ginger Tea. She has been dedicated to agriculture since many years, her parents used to grow green beans and zucchinis. Now, they have some small parcels around their house on which they grow lemongrass, basil, cilantro and zucchini, all this at only seven kilometers distance from Recaudo, in San Gregorio Atzompa.

Helio contributes with the blackberry in spring and summer, its season starting in April. Helio has been working in Santa María Zacatepec for about two years.

Don Facundo, he brings the sweetness to our French toast with the honey he produces, its season starting in October. He has about thirty years of experience in beekeeping and he also owns fruit trees in San Andrés Calpan, Puebla.

Mauro, quinoa producer from Tepeyahualco, Puebla. Family production for 4 years, they produce red, black, white quinoa, giving the touch to each seasonal dish.

Rafa and Elena , egg producers, have backyard chickens in San Francisco Totimehuacan, they give the flavor to each egg of our breakfasts. They produce the food of their hens generating a high quality egg.

Flor Balderas The selection of cheese that we have is first, Flor gives that touch to each dish, with its prdcion of sheep's cheese from Tepeyahualco.