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Rosca de REYES!

Jnuary 2020

Enjoy our traditional Rosca de Reyes 🐴🐘🐪✨
¡Only on request!
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  • canapés para eventos puebla

    Our coffee is Café Fincasa, from Tlatlauquitepec.☕️🌿
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  • canapés para eventos puebla We are pet friendly so you can come and have a delicious breackfast with your best friend! 🐶

  • New recipe

    July 2019

    canapés para eventos puebla Mango pancake
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  • canapés para eventos puebla When you eat local you support neighbor producers 🌿
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  • Stay local

    July 2019

    canapés para eventos puebla Local consumption is the best 🌿
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  • canapés para eventos puebla Do you know where your food comes from? 🤔🌿
    We know even the producers. 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾
    It consumes local. Consume conscious.
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  • Recaudo Events

    October 2018

    canapés para eventos puebla We have sandwiches, canapés for any event. Send us an email to make a quote

  • Recaudo Bread 😉

    October 2018
    panaderia cholula

    We make our bread. Place your order for box bread or sweet bread 12 hours before
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  • Did you know that this superfood is also grown in Puebla? Don Mauro is a producer of #quinoa in San Roque, Tepeyahualco, Puebla🌿
    #delproductoratumesa #consumedetemporada #yoconsumolocal

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  • Avoid disposable. Invest in reusable ♻️, and take care of your home 🌎
    #consumoconsciente #llevatutupper #reducetudesperdicio

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  • The kitchen starts from the raw material, from the producers! 🧀🍓🍅🌿

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  • We are now 4 years old! 🌿 Thank you for being part of this project. For supporting local producers and getting to know the people who grow the food.
    For creating habits of conscious consumption, with which we respect the cycles and times of the water; we return nutrients to the earth and avoid the use of disposables.
    Thank you very much for everything, Let many more years come!

  • We have granola for sale, made in Recaudo, only for $ 150.00 Kilo.

    250 tangerine juice
    Shredding of two tangerines
    4 eggs
    100 gr butter
    300gr mashed sugar
    300gr flour
    1c baking powder
    1c bicarbonate

    Once we have the tangerine juice, we boil it until half is consumed. Mix in the blender, the eggs one by one then add the butter, make it soft so that it does not work for the blender, then the sugar and flour with the baking powder and the baking soda.
    At the end add the tagerine juice and the zest, if the mixture is very compact add more tangerine juice.
    To decorate the cake we cut slices of tangerine and we remove the bones, we let them boil in water for 15 minutes, before putting the cake in the oven, we pass the slices for sugar and put them on top of the cake

  • We have delivery service! Envici Entregas y Mensajería brings local and seasonal flavors to your table.🌿
    🌐 Check the letter in bit.ly/cartademporada
    📞 Place your order at 603-1898
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  • We introduce you to Rafa and Elena, egg producers in Santa Clara La Venta.
    They have backyard chickens, without cages and hormone-free. We can all support them to improve their feeders and drinkers. 🐔

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    4 Mature mangos
    1/4 cup of olive oil
    3 spoon of honey
    2 pesos of mint or peppermint
    3 spoons of balsamic vinegar
    1/2 lemon

    Remove the pulp from the mangos and put them in the blender. add the olive oil and honey. liquefy to mix everything, then add only the mint leaves or the peppermint (the size of a bunch is 2 pesos). At the end add the balsamic vinegar and the juice of half a lemon. if you want to achieve a creamy consistency, add half a cup of natural yogurt

    1 Leek
    15 pieces of milk pear
    3 spoon of butter
    1 spoon of sugar
    200 ml of milk

    Broil the leek with the butter in a pot. Cut the pears into small pieces, blend with the leek and cover the pot allowing the pears to release their juice; moves regularly.
    Once you have the juice, liquefy it with the cream and the milk. Add salt and a spoon of sugar. Return to the pot for a last boil. Serve with mature sheep cheese

  • ¡Tenemos servicio a domicilio! Envici delivery and messaging brings the local and seasonal flavors to your table.🌿

    🌐 Check our menu here!
    📞 Place your order 603-1898

  • Receive the flavors of Spring in our new home!
    Dear friends, we´ll be waiting for you in our traditional seasonal dinner: Spring 2017, Saturday 25 March at 20:00.

  • Surprise! Today we share a very easy to prepare recipe: pear dressing with honey🍐🍯
    If you like please do not forget to share the video.😉

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  • Don Antonio, tomato producer. Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla.🍅
    #delproductoratumesa #yoconsumolocal

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